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Title Tags & Meta Descriptions: What, Why & How

You wrote an extraordinary piece of content for a new dog training product you’re about to unleash (ahem).  You also gave it a wicked awesome H1 tag (or so you think). Concise and optimized. The only things left are the title tag and the meta description. You’re a little stuck because even though all your […]

How to Create a Killer Landing Page

Do you want to increase your ROI dramatically?  Then you need to create a website that is user friendly, optimized for search engine indexing, and offers something the competition doesn’t. If you’ve said check, check, check to all three of those but you’re still not getting the results you want, there’s something you’re missing and […]

Step 12 to SEO: Off-Page SEO

Am I building authority to my site from external websites? We’ve arrived at the final step. And last certainly doesn’t mean least. Building authority to your site from external websites, also called link-building, is one of the most critical steps in SEO. But with all the work you’ve done up to now, you probably already […]

Step 11 to SEO: Internet Partners

Have I been building relationships with non-competing companies? Why would I need to build relationships with non-competing companies, unless they’re stakeholders in my business? Two things: First of all, everyone is a stakeholder in your business. Second, It’s not all about you and your business. Just kidding! It actually is, but it’s also all about […]

Step 10 to SEO: Content Marketing

Am I marketing the quality content I created? You spent hours (or a good chunk of change) creating content that answers your customers’ questions and solves their problems. Your customer wanted to know the best way to train their dog so you went beyond the call of duty and collected resources on how to actually […]

Step 9 to SEO: Content Creation

Am I creating quality content that solves the searcher’s problems? Every search for something begins with a problem. It’s the reason you’re reading this blog right now––you have a problem that needs a solution. Maybe your problem is small and you just need a little help on how to create great content. Great––but it’s still […]

Step 8 to SEO: User Experience

Is my website intuitive and frictionless throughout? If you’ve been following from Step One, you may remember that Step Two: Competitor Research, highlighted UEO as the new SEO. If you haven’t read it, here’s a key takeaway: SEO is more about user experience optimization (UEO) than optimizing the search engine. That makes user experience then, […]

Step 7 to SEO: Technical SEO

Are My Relevant Web Pages Being Crawled and Indexed? Do you want more traffic to your site? Of course you do, and it starts with understanding two key actions taken by Google (and other search engines but we’ll focus on Google): crawling and indexing. Your pages are being crawled, and if you want them to […]

STEP 6 TO SEO: Reviews

Do I have a strategy for gathering reviews from happy customers? Happy customers leave great reviews. The number-one, not-so-secret strategy for achieving high customer satisfaction––which causes them to leave positive reviews––is giving them the very best user experience possible. Let’s assume you’re already doing that (of course you are). We know your business is awesome. […]