Guess what’s behind every great, RANKING web page? Besides the right meta descriptions and title tags, that is.

Awesome copywriting.

Before we get into why you need a copywriter (because you do), let’s address a seemingly simple but commonly misunderstood issue.

What is a Copywriter?

When I identify myself as a copywriter as I occasionally do when someone asks me what my work is, I often get a quizzical look. 

“What does a copywriter do? You protect the rights of artists or something like that?”

See, that’s the problem with *homonyms in the English language. It also symbolizes a much deeper problem with the widespread lack of understanding of the difference between an adjective and a noun––a consequence of both our education system and our-self learning stimulus, but I won’t get into that––you’re welcome.

A copywriter is simply someone who writes copy. Copy is anything from blog content to product descriptions to meta tags to landing pages, resource manuals, curriculum, training guides, video scripts, or entire books. We’re a literary jack of all trades. 

There are different types of copywriters too. Some specialize in a particular niche, especially if they have industry-specific training, experience, or education. Some writers, myself included, are what we call generalist writers. We write about pretty much anything. We have excellent research skills and the ability to adapt to an increasingly dynamic digital landscape (not all copywriters tread the worldwide web, but since we’re in the context of SEO, we’ll assume most do).

Should I Choose a Niche or a Generalist Copywriter?

It depends on why you’re hiring a copywriter and what your budget is. Niche copywriters tend to cost more because they’ve honed their skills toward a particular market and are well versed in its vernacular (I love that word). However, in the land of You-Get-What-You-Pay-For, niche copywriters are usually better writers in a particular area because they have an in-depth understanding of a particular industry and market.

Let’s take pet copywriters for example. They know everything there is to know about pets, pet products, marketing in the pet industry, SEO in the pet market, etc. They may even have pets of their own. Their pets may even have pets of their own, but hey––let’s not get carried away.

Now, let’s not forget that sometimes people get too smart and are unable to express ideas at a beginner’s level. What that means is that if you’re trying to convey a tricky concept, a generalist copywriter may produce better copy because they have to learn it to explain it.

Although a niche copywriter may seem like the way to go, there are several benefits to hiring a generalist copywriter that you’ll want to consider because they might surprise you.

Generalist copywriters are adept at switching between industries, markets, and ideas. That means they can write a colloquial blog on the benefits of naked yoga with pop-culture references one day, and the next day, spin out a procedural handbook for air traffic employees. 

Besides interesting and creative brains, they have well-honed research skills because they’re constantly in search of how to find the highest quality and most reliable information. 

They also know that different pieces of content require a different structure, jargon, and SEO techniques.

Here’s something that many people haven’t considered when they’re looking for a copywriter:

Generalist writers have a wealth of knowledge in several areas and because knowledge is not linear. They can see clearly how different industries transect and interact. That means they can write cross-industry articles.

Let’s look at an example to better understand:

You have a natural health supplement that targets men with erectile dysfunction. Now, many people who are into alternative medicine are also concerned with the state of the global ecosystem. Health isn’t limited to our individual state of being after all, it’s integrated and holistic; the state of our planet affects our health too. 

So making a peter heater that’s tested on animals, uses animal ingredients, slave labour, and manufacturing methods that harm the environment isn’t really going to fly with your target customer. It’ll definitely be more cost efficient for you, but we’re assuming you work from a place of ethics.

Writing about such a supplement requires a trifecta+ of skill: the ability to research well, knowledge of alternative medicine, sustainable health & wellness, how particular manufacturing practices harm the ecosystem and impact social justice, as well as knowledge of (and perhaps experience with) the psychology of sexual dysfunction to craft an effective emotional appeal to your target customer. That requires a MASTER jack of all trades.

Why You Need to Hire an Expert Copywriter

Make sense? Good. So it really comes down to money and the level of sophistication you desire.

The point is, whether you choose a generalist or a niche-r, you definitely want a copywriter––full stop. Unless you enjoy writing, that is. Otherwise you’re committing yourself to days of teeth-gnashing work because writing isn’t easy, even for those who love it. 

I’m not saying all copywriters love what they do, but you’ll know when you read the copy whether they do. Apathy is as noticeable as bad grammar, missed punctuation, spelling errors, or metaphors that just don’t work. You want someone who cares.

How Do You Find a Good Copywriter?

Get in the freelance marketplace. Apps like Fiverr and Upwork are packed with people chomping at the bit to write content for you. Prices range anywhere from $5 to sky’s-the-limit. Venture with caution though. Many freelancers in this arena are not native English speakers. Always look at their ratings and reviews, request samples, and chat about your project before ordering work from them.

Ask around. Recommendations are usually more reliable than cold-call fishing for a writer in the freelance marketplace. 

Contact Logical Mix. I’m a generalist copywriter for Logical Mix. I write the weekly blog about SEO tactics and strategies. I also keep my own personal blog, and I write for other private clients. While my academic background is in education, I have studied, researched, and written in various niches including health, wellness & alternative medicine, sustainability, insurance, yoga, fashion, children’s literacy, etc. Aside from all that experience, the most significant part is that I LOVE WRITING, and I’m always pumped to tackle a new project, whatever it is.

Not Up for a Teeth-Gnashing Task?

So there it is––YES, you need to hire a copywriter. NO, they don’t need to cost a fortune, but remember––you get what you pay for.

If you have questions or want to chat about your project, give us a call or send an email.

*Just in case primary school English didn’t stick, homonyms are words that sound the same but are spelled differently.

Logging out,

Logical Mix