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Step 7 to SEO: Technical SEO

Are My Relevant Web Pages Being Crawled and Indexed? Do you want more traffic to your site? Of course you do, and it starts with understanding two key actions taken by Google (and other search engines but we’ll focus on Google): crawling and indexing. Your pages are being crawled, and if you want them to […]

STEP 6 TO SEO: Reviews

Do I have a strategy for gathering reviews from happy customers? Happy customers leave great reviews. The number-one, not-so-secret strategy for achieving high customer satisfaction––which causes them to leave positive reviews––is giving them the very best user experience possible. Let’s assume you’re already doing that (of course you are). We know your business is awesome. […]

STEP 5 to SEO: Local SEO

Have I built and fixed online citations for my business? We’re reaching into the SEO arsenal and pulling out another tool for digital marketing success: Online business citations. Don’t worry––no injection required. The number one reason why online citations are so important––let me repeat––SO IMPORTANT is a secret we’re going to let you in on […]

Step 4 to SEO: On-Page SEO

Am I using Step 1’s insights for page targeting & structuring? If you did your homework, you would have made some discoveries about how to rank for keywords. If you haven’t already checked it out, see Step One to SEO Success: Keyword Research to find out how to get started on this critical stage. If […]

Step 3 to SEO: Web Analytics

Have I implemented Google Analytics and Google Search Console? Have you seen the movie Tag? It’s about five friends who’ve played a 23-year-long game of Tag. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is kind of like that: a continuous game of Tag–but inverted. You want to be IT.   In the game of Tag, being IT means […]

STEP 2 to SEO: Competitor Research

Have I found usable insights from top organic competitors? Why should you do competitor research? Well, SEO strategizing is like storytelling. One guy can tell a story so well that you feel like you’re actually there. A different guy can tell the exact same story, and you feel like you lost 10 minutes of your […]

STEP 1 to SEO: Keyword Research

Am I matching search queries to my service or product offering? At its most basic, SEO is a game with Google–and a gazillion other online proprietors all vying for attention and page rank. There are infinite, contrasting strategies for “how to do SEO”, but they all start with one thing: keyword research. Keyword optimized content […]