We excel at Search Engine Optimization. SEO is used to improve the online visibility of your website. The bottom line is getting potential clients to buy from you or contact you. Remember, your website represents your business 24 hour a day. We can work with you in Whitby, Durham, GTA and all over the globe.

What We Do:

-We analyze your entire internet presence
-We define your target goal, by doing proper “Keyword” & “Competitive” research
-We achieve your goal by targeting “Keywords” & your “website users” intent
-We strategically blog, create quality website content and pursue your target market
-We find directories/listings and create positive online exposure for your business
-We strategically align with non-competing companies online, for your business
-We teach Social Media basics for SEO growth
-We upon request can create PPC campaigns (SEM: pay-per-click campaigns)

Website Design

It is worth repeating, your website is a 24 hour store/salesperson/ spokesperson/representative (the list goes on) for your business. When you and your staff are working on other projects or even sleeping, your website is working for you.

Your website will answer critical questions potential clients may have about your business. That “perfect customer” will want to see your website before deciding whether or not they want to pursue a relationship with you. (Similar to what you are doing with Logical Mix right now!)

What We Do:

-Evaluate and discuss your website needs
-Determine what kind of website design is best for your company
-Create Mobile Friendly
-Tweak your company’s current website
-Create and maintain all elements of a new website
-Design a website that is easy for potential clients to navigate
-We design unique logos, banners, etc.
-We track all traffic to your website
-Determine what kind of website design is best for your company

Do You Need Video?

We are great at what we do

Campbell Canada is proud to reveal one of the most meaningful products in our history — Nourish. It’s a complete meal with a full serving of three food groups. We created it because hunger is a growing issue here and abroad, and we know we have a responsibility to get involved. Every can of Nourish delivers vegetables, fibre, and 18 grams of protein, thanks in part to a nutrient dense whole grain grown exclusively in Manitoba. And it’s delicious. Simply put, Nourish is some of the best food we know how to make, for those who need it most.

Our specialization

Digital Marketing
Web Design
Web Video

Video Services

  • Website Video

    Together, we brainstorm and create your company’s vision. Then we professionally produce it in stunning high quality HD video.

    Having web video helps tell the story about your company’s objectives and the direction you want to take the viewer/ potential client. Your web video always gives a crystal clear, sincere pitch for your business. A bonus feature to using web video is the search engine optimization advantages it creates for your website.

    Logical Mix collaborates with Crucial Pictures to ensure the best quality videos possible. Crucial Pictures brings decades of experience and professionalism to make every filming session a memorable one. is another company we collaborate with.

    -We provide full service video production
    -Discuss your vision
    -Tell a story about your company and execute your vision
    -We make the process simple, hassle free and enjoyable
    -The filming experience boosts morale for employees and your business -We represent your company in a positive manner
    -We use Youtube and Vimeo for free bandwidth for your business

  • Video Packages

    Depending on the quality of video you are looking for we have an assortment of video packages to suit your needs.

    -Deluxe Package
    -Premium Package
    -Best Value Package

What people who have worked with us have to say

“Our website looks fantastic. A major improvement. Thank you for the added bonus of improving our logo for no fee to improve the look. Your company is a professional firm we will use over and over again.“

“Starting a new business, it is important for Seasons Family Centre to have the most efficient and productive website possible. Logical Mix has helped us increase our website traffic and client registration with search engine optimization and online marketing strategies.“

“Thank you Logical Mix. You took our same marketing budget from last year and you doubled our traffic. In our industry, we needed the edge you gave us. illumiWave will recommend you to anyone who owns a business.“

“It was such a pleasure working with Logical Mix when we decided to update our company website. The level of experience and thought and care that went into our website was amazing! We highly recommend Logical Mix to anyone looking for the best customer service and professionalism.”

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