Treat Your Business Like a Garden

Spring is here and the flowers are blooming. This gave us a great idea to relate treating your business as a gardener would tend to their garden.

1) Study your landscape before you start gardening
In business, you should know your competition and you should know what can propel your business above the competition. At the very least, know what separates your company from the competition. Come up with a plan that you can follow through and know that your plan will grow your business. You wouldn’t plant a tree that needs a lot of sun in a shady area, so don’t sell a person a product or service that won’t grow your company and get you referrals.

2) Fertilize the soil
Related to checking in with your clients and making sure your service or product is up to their standards. You should be doing this on a regular basis.

3) Pull the weeds
This can translate to two things with your business. You can clean up any loose ends you need to fix to ensure your customer is happy or you can get rid of the customers you believe to be holding your business back. There is such a thing as a bad client (we don’t have any, but when you make those sales you shouldn’t have made, these customers have a way of hurting your business). Seriously, we love our clients!

4) Choose the right Plants
In business, you need to choose a plan that will benefit you and your customer. Offer a product or service that your company specializes in producing. Do not offer singing lessons to a customer, if your company only makes custom leather gloves. Similarly, to a garden, do not plant a tropical plant in a shady area in a northern climate. You will simply be wasting valuable time and money.

5) Water Properly
This goes without saying, but successful gardens need water (unless you have cacti and desert plants). Each climate is unique and each plant/flower depends on different watering schedules, but they all need water. Your clients are comparable in the sense that they need quenching (H2O). Each client depends on your care differently. Some may need lots of attention, whereas, others may be annoyed by you constantly soaking them with attention. Know who you’re dealing with.

6) Keep a keen eye on your garden during all seasons
This doesn’t mean, hovering over your customers at all times, but understand what makes them tick and what keeps them happy. If you produce clothing, make sure the quality is where it should be. If you run a daycare, keep your play areas sterilized. If you run a fruits & vegetables stand, ensure there is no mold or pests on your produce and keep your produce hydrated (that last analogy was used to link the garden to the business).

Your business like a garden is a beautiful thing. If you maintain your garden, every year it will look nicer and keep a smile on your face. Your business is no different. If you tend to your business properly, every year it will grow and everyone will take notice…just like you garden.

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Logical Mix

Why Use Video For Your Website?

Videos, or visual animations, are not something we see in large movie arenas, but can be used to gain attention from consumers for your company’s own benefit. If the object of your company is to attract your customers to aid in the growth of your business overall, contemplating various marketing strategies is essential to understanding what works best for both your company and your customers. In May’s article, it was discussed the disadvantages of using Adobe Flash Player on your company’s website, in June’s article we will be addressing the positive advantages video and visual images has on your core audience. Marketing strategies both develop and create growth for your company, and by looking at each months article, and taking what is discussed into consideration, your company can profit greatly from these articles alone. It is commonly known that there are three different types of learners, visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic – while each prefers to learn in a different style, they have one mutual trait in common: they want to learn. Most consumers want to know what they are buying before they purchase an item or use a service, so it is the company’s main duty to inform them and teach them what it is you are offering and how it can benefit them. Different types of learners may view your website to attain information, but they all might not learn in the same way; some may prefer to learn through visual means, some by listening, and others prefer to do what they see and learn through using the tools they are given. By addressing all three different types of learners, your company is ensuring that not a single consumer will visit your website and quickly exit because they are overwhelmed by the content and it does not suit their style of interpreting information. By using videos within your website your company is directly speaking to both auditory and visual learners, 75% of the world’s population (from 40 to 65 percent of the population are visual learners, 30 to 40 percent are auditory learners). Now in terms of creating videos for your company’s social media realm, there are some important key points to keep in mind and remember. If your customers want to continue to watch the web videos you post on either your website or a video hosting site such as Youtube, you want to be consistent. If you want reoccurring viewers, you need reoccurring videos – set a date and a time that you will upload videos and make it public. It is in this way that you develop an audience who becomes both interested and devoted to what you are offering and it upholds a sense of accountability to your company and the videos that it creates. When deciding what sort of videos your company is going to create, it’s important to think about your audience and what they are interested in learning about. By doing this, not only are you putting their interests as first priority but your rate

of success will evidently increase as you are most concerned about their wants and needs, and as a result, you will hit the correct target audience. Hitting the right target audience – this may seem challenging and even daunting to some, it might even prevent a company from creating websites as they may be doubtful of whether or not they would be viewed or watched and it’s understandable to question how they are going to target the right viewers. The answer is simple, it’s something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – the process of improving the visibility of a website with key phrases or terms in a search engine. By thinking about what your customer would be searching and what words they would use to look for what you company offers, you will be able to greater target these viewers and have your videos be among the first to be listed when searched within the search engine. Your goal is to be a good keyword copywriter, you want to come up with words that will direct customers to your website and once there, they will be able to view your content and see what exactly you are offering. Another important fact that many often seem to disregard is the title and description of your videos; a title that has unnecessary words and is too long not only distracts the customer away from your web video but its complexity can even be overwhelming. You want a title that is both short and to the point, but is catchy enough to invite the customer into wanting to read what you are offering. Like the title, the description should be neither too long, nor too short, a sufficient amount of information to give them an overall impression of what your video is about and why they would want to watch it. Finally, to be linkable is extremely essential as it concludes the overall goal of your video – the customer finishes watching what you have offered, they want to know more about your services and where to go to learn more – this is the goal, this is the end product, and the importance of having more content and even contact information is necessary as you now have a customer who is interested and wanting to know more. By keeping these simple steps in mind when creating videos, you will find yourself with a higher audience and as a result a higher amount of customers – target the right people, consider their learning skills, and put your customers at the front of your mind, and your videos will be successful and well watched.

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Build A User Friendly Website

When you are building or editing your website always make sure it is user friendly. There is nothing more wasteful than having an online customer surf onto your website and they have no clue what the “call to action” is. They will leave fast and worse, with a bad impression about your company. For sake of not being mean, we won’t link to any website examples.

You all have seen websites where you have no clue what they are trying to convey or achieve. Don’t fall into that category.

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Organize For Success

We all know the expression, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This is especially true in the digital age of the work environment. Come up with a plan and organize your schedule around that plan.

Douglas C. Merrill has 11 principles of organization we want to share: 1 ) Organize your life to minimize brain strain.
2 ) Get stuff out of your head as quickly as possible.
3 ) Multitasking can actually make you less efficient.
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